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Our Piano Tuner specialise in tuning upright and grand pianos of all makes and models.  Our piano Tuners are Yamaha acredited piano tuners.  We also can inspect pianos prior to purchase.     Call us for furthrr details on our services here at Sydney Piano Tuning

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Piano Tuning Experience

Ross the lead piano tuner at Sydney Piano Tuning has a wide range of piano tuning experiance Ross’s trusted clients are schools such as Ashfield Boys High Birrong Girls High Liverpool Boys High and many music teachers as well piano shops such as Sydney Piano Centre at Parramatta

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Ross has been trained at the Australasian School of Piano Technology attaining accreditation as a Yamaha Piano Tuner on uprights and grand pianos 

Special Piano Tuning Deals

Piano being prepared for tuning by Sydneu Piano Tuning

Call Sydney Piano Tuning for our special rates for repeat customers and music profesdionals who may have more the one piano or may require reqular tuning.  We also will tune pianos at discounted rate for pensioners.  Sydney Piano Tuning takes the time to ensure your piano is tuned correctly and gives optimum sound and performance

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Sticking keys can be a problem with pianis  of all types on many occassions this problem can be caused by the weather.   It can be a simple fix of removal of the sticking key and opening of the felts underneath the key

General Piano Tuning Requirements


Pianos generally should be tuned at least every year as a rule if thumb.  Ideally twice yearly to keep the piano in top shape.  Yamaha recommends twice yearly.   Other factors  come into play such as skill of the puano player and the frequency of playing.  In some cases it may be necessary to have the piano tuned several times a year.

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Should I accept a piano that somebody wants to give away.

The simple answer to this question is No.  there are a number of things that can go wrong with a piano that can make it unplayableband very expensive to fix   Consult a piano technician prior to purchase